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SV «Diabaz»


S/V «Diabaz» is a multitask vessel of KM L2 [1] class. It is designed for performance of the following engineering investigations: geophysical and 2D seismic surveys, drilling of engineering‐geological boreholes and execution of geotechnical works. The vessel is able to drill the boreholes to the depth of 100 m at the water depth from 10 to 100 m. Boring rig 12 m high is located in the center of the vessel, 1.3×0.5 m moon pool. The vessel is equipped with a four‐anchor stabilization system.

Register data
Vessel name Diabaz
IMO ID‐number 8138671
Registration number 822127
Shipowner Pacific Engineering Company Ltd.
Port of registry Korsakov, Russia
Flag Russia
Year of manufacture 1983
Place of manufacture Russia, Yaroslavl
Type. Employment. Survey vessel. Special‐purpose.
Call sign UCIM
Register class KM L2 [1] survey
Ship‐classification society Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Length overall, beam, draught 55.0 m х 10.5 m х 4.4 m
Displacement Fully loaded – 1185 t; empty – 903 t.
Propulsion machinery Main engine: 1×8NVD48А- 2U, Germany, 1320 h.p., 970 kW, 428 rpm. Auxiliary diesel – generators: 3×6chn1822 150 kW. 750 rpm
Thruster unit Bow: PU-2.1(PU 130 А), 1×135 kW. Stern: PU-2.1(PU 130 А), 1×135 kW.
Maximum speed 10 knots
Capacity Gross 774 r.t., net 232 r.t.
Cruising radius 7700 miles
Self‐sufficiency (in the sea) 22 days
Fuel stock 160 ton
Fuel consumption at full speed 5.64 ton
Water capacity 70 ton
Accommodation capacity 32 persons including 14 crew members
Rescue equipment Life rafts PSN-20×4; PSN-15×2, life jackets — 37, hydrothermosuits — 32
Deck machinery
Electrohydraulic crane Carrying capacity 950 kg
Anchor winches (bow, stern) Bow winch of “LEYA ” type — 2 pcs., carrying capacity — 9 t
Stern winch of “LETRS” type – 1 pc., carrying capacity – 16.5 t
Single‐arm davit and a duty boat Single‐arm davit of “DM‐RB6–1000” type
Duty boat “Favorite “ for 6 persons, 700 kg
Electro windlass Carrying capacity 20 t х 1 pc.
Cable bridle Diameter 31 mm, length 150 m
Bow anchor Hall’s anchor, 2×900 kg
Technical anchor Hall’s anchor, 4×2500 kg
Communication and navigation equipment
Gyrocompass Meridian х 1 pc.
Automatic helmsman AIST 2–10×1pc.
Hydroacoustic echo sounder FE-700 “FURUNO”х 1pc.
Radar FR-1510×1pc.
JRC JMA-2300×1 pc.
Knotmeter FURUNO DS-80×1 pc.
Satellite communication Inmarsat C – JRC NDZ 127 C х 1 pc.
Inmarsat MINI‐M (Tel/fax) GPS 3000
Satellite beacon Tron 40S Mk II
Radio navigation system DGPS SPR – 1400×1 pc.
Communication radio equipment VHF / MF JHS-32A х2 pcs. / JRC NCH-802×1pc.
Transponder (SART) Tron SART х 1 pc.
DUIM‐S х 1 pc.
Receiver NAVTEX NT-900×1 pc.
Portable two‐way communication radio stations AXIS 250×3pcs.
Other modes of communication Mobile telephone connection, IRIDIUM connection, e‐mail.
Drilling and geotechnical equipment
Drilling rig with a crownblock Type: truss, carrying capacity 9 t, height from the deck to the crownblock axis 15 m, maximum length of the drill pipe string 10.5 m.
Moon pool Length 0.55 m, width 1.33 m with 1 m shift starboard off the centerline.
Drill floor Length 1.85 m, width 8.2 m.
Drilling unit Electrically driven ZIF-1200
 — maximum drilling depth 100 m,
 — maximum borehole diameter 168 mm,
 — rotation speed 25 – 300 rpm.
Power unit Electric motor
Power consumption 55kW
Drill pumps NB-32×2 pcs., piston type, pump delivery 294–594 l/min, pressure up to 4.0 MPa.
Pipelines Maximum pressure 5.0 MPa, outer diameter of drill mud hoses 58 mm, maximum pressure in drill mud hoses 6 MPa.
Core extractor Hydraulic extruder with force 1.5 t.
Drill pipe elevator EК-50, ring type, carrying capacity 10 t.
Eye‐bolt swivel VS-5, carrying capacity 5 t, maximum working fluid pressure 5.0 MPa.
Swivel bail BI249–144–00, carrying capacity 5 t.
Travelling block BI249–137, carrying capacity 10 t.
Drill pipes Diameter 50 mm.
Rock cutting tool - Hard‐allow core bit: СМ, СТ, СА with a diameter 76, 93, 112, 132, 151mm.
 — outboard hydraulic hammer sampler UGVP-130,
 — outboard hydraulic hammer sampler UGVP-150.
Drilling method Core and hydraulic hammer drilling
Soil laboratory - penetrometer,
 — mini vane,
 — laboratory vane,
 — extruder,
 — drying furnace,
 — scales,
 — Munsel soil‐color charts