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SV «Trias»


Survey vessel «Trias» of class KM Ice3 [1] is designed for performance of engineering‐geological surveys including drilling of the engineering‐geological boreholes to the depth of 150 meters at the water depth to 300 meters. A vertical moon pool 2.4×2.4 m of size and a drilling rig with a bearing capacity of 50 ton and 26 m high are installed midships for execution of drilling works. The vessel is also equipped with a four‐anchor positioning system to keep the vessel at the survey location. She is provided with a complex of outboard equipment (hydraulic hammer, gravity and hydrostatic samplers, bottom СРТ).

Register data
Vessel name Trias
IMO ID‐number 8402905
Registration number 841313
Shipowner Pacific Engineering Company Ltd.
Port of registry Korsakov, Russia
Flag Russia
Year of manufacture 1984
Place of manufacture Japan, Fukushima Zosen Co., LTD
Type. Employment. Survey vessel. Special drilling.
Call sign UBNB
RF Register class KM Ice3 [1]
Length overall, beam, draught 71.4 m х 16 m х 4.5 m
Capacity Gross 2559 r.t., net 767 r.t.
Propulsion machinery Diesel electric ship 2×1030 kW each, made by Fuji Dizel, type: 6L27,5X, auxiliary motor 3×8CHN 2534. Diesel‐generators 3×2А 500500, harbour electric generator 1×7D12A-1E
Thruster units 2×850 rW. Type: NTKKC.
Maximum speed 10 knots
Cruising radius Unlimited
Self‐sufficiency 30 days
Fuel stock 454 m3
Fuel consumption Transit – 11 t/day, drilling – 7 t/day
Water capacity Technical water – 202 t., fresh water – 314.5 t.
Accommodation capacity 50 persons including 22 crew members.
Rescue equipment Life rafts PSN 10 MK – 12, safety buoys — 5, life jackets — 61, hydrothermosuits — 63, duty boat — 1×6 persons.
Deck machinery
Electrohydraulic crane CHRS 25×22 Carrying capacity 25 ton
Stern hydraulic crane Kanglim KS1256G‐II Carrying capacity 7 ton
Electrohydraulic winch of anchor stabilization, 4 pcs. Carrying capacity 16 t, with a steel cable 38 mm, length 1800 m х 4 pcs.
Electrohydraulic windlass Carrying capacity 7.5 t х 2 pcs.
Electric capstan Carrying capacity 1.5 t х 2 pcs.
Cable bridle Diameter 42 mm, length 225 meters
Bow anchor Hall’s anchor, 2×2800 kg
Technical anchor Denfort’s anchor, 4×5000 kg
Communication and navigation equipment
Gyrocompass Vega х 1pc.
Automatic helmsman PR-2403-ST22×1pc.
Hydroacoustic echo sounder NEL M 3B х 1 pc.
Radar FAR-28×7 with SARP element х 2 pcs. / JMA-2253×1 pc.
Knotmeter IEL-2М Induction type х 1 pc.
Satellite communication Inmarsat C – Felcom-15×2 pcs.
Radio navigation system DGPS SPR-1400 – 1 pc. / KGP-912 – 1 pc.
Weather receiver Weather FAX JRC JAX 9A х 1 pc.
Communication radio equipment MF/HF FC-2571C х 1 pc.
VHF transmitter 8800 S х 2 pcs.
Portable two‐way communication radio stations TR-20×3 pcs.
NAVTEX NX-700 B х 1pc.
AIS Seatex AIS – 100×1 pc.
Radar responder SAR-20×2 pc.
Radio buoy EPIRB SEP-406
Other modes of communication Mobile telephone connection,
IRIDIUM Motorola (9505A) x 1 pc.
Inmarsat Fleat Broadband (FB-250) connection, e‐mail
Drilling and geotechnical equipment
Drilling rig of a tower type
Allowable operation conditions:
Height from the rig base to the crow’ nest – 26 m.
Rated dynamic load – 50 t.
maximum vertical amplitude – 3 m.
 — maximum pitch angle – 4 degrees.
 — maximum roll angle – 4 degrees.
Heave compensator Fugro Hydrodine Maximum amplitude compensation 3 meters, load 40 t.
Hydraulic power swivel Wirt, tipe 3–5 Three rotation speeds: 1-st — 30 rpm/2720 kgm, 2-nd — 66 rpm/1280 kgm, 3-rd — 150 rpm/150 kgm
Hydraulically driven drill winch PWD 3700/CF Force exerted rating 8 t, two speeds – 0–30 m/min
Winch for launching and lifting of the bottom frame or bottom CPT unit Force exerted rating 10 t at the drum, diameter 22 mm, length 400 m.
Pipe collector with semi‐automatic delivery of the drill string with powered grip 2×2 t, with telescopic hoisters of steel drill pipe and drill collars 2 collectors of  2×250 m capacity
Hydraulic unit for executing mechanisms, it is located under deck Two hydraulic pumps: 75 kW, one hydraulic pump — 132 kW, three hydraulic pump — 22, 12, 8 kW.
System of drill mud preparation and storage Three tanks, total capacity 17m3, with mechanical mixers and hydraulic mixer.
High pressure mud pump Two pumps with effective pressure from 15 to 160 bar, discharge 360 l/min.
Hydraulic winch 600 m flexible drillstem 40 мм in diameter, two trips and power supply of the downhole devices (sampler Wipsampler and cone penetrometer Wison)
Bottom frame Max weight 10 ton, frame base 1.8×1.8 m., equipped with a running skirt for drill pipes and hydraulic clamping device for drill string stabilization in place.
Stern P‐frame with a hydraulically driven from 40 kW hydropower station The width is 3,6 m, the height — 8 m, overboard handling radius — 8 m, bearing capacity 15 t.
A set of special equipment for drilling and soil investigations Rotary drilling: configuration  based on downhole motors with Wireline, diameter of sampled core — 68mm.
 — DownHole configuration,
 — hydraulic device for undisturbed sampling Wipsampler Mk II,
 — hydraulic device for CPT in boreholes Wisch – APB System,
 — hydraulic hammer downhole sampler 3 m long, 89 mm in diameter with WL technology.

Outboard soil sampling devices:
 — hydrostatic sampler 4 m long, 127 mm in diameter,
 — gravity sampler 6 m long, 108 mm in diameter,
 — hydraulic hammer bottom sampler 6 m long, 146/127 mm in diameter,
 — CPT unit Wison‐APB System made by A.P. Van den Berg.
Soil laboratory - penetrometer,
 — mini vane,
 — kaboratory vane,
 — extruder,
 — triaxial compression device,
 — drying furnace,
 — scales,
 — Munsel soil‐color charts