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Jack‐up drilling rig «32–6»

Jack‐up drilling rig-32–6 is designed for drilling of engineering‐geological boreholes and performance of geotechnical investigations in the boreholes to the depth of 50 m within the nearshore zones of seas, bays, lakes, rivers, harbor waters, boot basins and gulfs at the water depth to 6 meters. The drilling rig is provided with SРТ equipment for seismic sounding of soils. Drilling rig-32–6 operating can be provided by a support vessel (if a lifting device of not less than 25 t is available) from the sea and directly from the shore using an automobile crane.


Hull type



32 m3

Min draught

0.6 m

Max draught

0.9 m

Method of stabilization on soil

4 support legs with pads

Type of the legs lifting device

Electric winches

Length, width, height

8×6.5×9.2 m

Support legs specific pressure

1.3 kg/cm2

Cruising area

Nearshore zone of the seas, gulfs, bays, ports, boot basins and lakes.

Operation conditions

Water depth up to 6 m, sea disturbance up to 0.5 m, wind speed up to 8 m/sec.

Navigation equipment

Lead line х 1, GPS receiver х 1, binocular х 1

Radio and communication equipment

Portable VHF radio stations х 2,

GLOBAL satellite phone х 1.

Life‐saving equipment

Raft PSN-6×2 pcs., wet suits, life jackets for all the personnel, life rings, caproic ratlines 100 m, flare PNR х 3, flare ZPN х 3, hand lamp х 2, smoke post х 2.

Equipment and devices

Floating drilling rig-2, mud pump, mud mixer, power station DES-60, СРТ unit with an oil station and control panal, power distribution panel, drilling rig package

Towing device

Towline 16 mm, tow rope 45 mm х 100 m.

Drilling and geotechnical equipment

Drilling rig


Drilling depth

50 m

Main drilling method

Straight rotary drilling

Drilling rig drive

Electric motor, 30 kW

Power station


Drilling rig weight

20 t

Mud pump


SPT equipment (in accordance with ASTM D 6066)

Detachable sampler:


Inner diameter

Core diameter

Angle at the sampler’s end

Cone base diameter


762 mm

38 mm

35 mm


50.8 mm

Penetration rods:

Outer diameter, mm

Section length


42 mm

not less than 1.0 m

Driving device:

Hammer weight

Hammer dropping height


63.5 kg

76 cm

Measurement accuracy

1 ± 0.1 cm