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Offshore Geophysical Survey

PECO’s vessels are equipped with geophysical systems able to conduct a complete complex of geophysical survey using the most modern gear for data acquisition, processing and interpretation, including:

  • High‐resolution seismic survey for studying the upper part of a section (up to 1000 — 1500 meters), for potential hazards identification (gas pockets, buried channels, tectonic faults etc.) at drilling operations and platform installation;
  • Bathymetry survey with multi- and single‐channel echo sounders as a base for design of pipeline routs and other marine engineering facilities;
  • Sonar survey for mapping of different types of seabed and identification of seabed features hazardous for projected structures;
  • Sub‐bottom profiling down to 30 — 50 meters below seabed using modern geophysical systems (like Pinger, X‐Star, Boomer) for litho‐stratigraphic study and determination of physical‐mechanical properties of soils;
  • High‐resolution magnetic survey for detection of ship fragments and unexploded ordnance (UXO);
  • Inspection with the help of ROV and divers.

Geophysical survey is supported by modern means of navigation and positioning (DGPS, RTK, GPS, USBL).

Pacific Engineering Company has an over 20 year‐old experience in offshore geophysical surveys under different geological and hydrographic conditions at water depths ranging from 2 to 400 meters.

The Company carries out data processing and interpretation and submits reports to the client both in the English and the Russian languages.


Graphic materials are submitted in AutoCAD, PDF or other formats according to the client’s request.

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