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Inland Survey

The Company provides the wide range of inland survey services: comprehensive land survey work; acquisition, processing and interpretation of data for mapping in civil engineering, CAD cartography in current satellite positioning, laser profiling and GIS technologies. Inland engineering‐geological survey include:

  • En‐route and reconnaissance shooting,
  • Engineering‐geophysical survey,
  • Drilling of geotechnical boreholes,
  • Soil sampling with light‐weight equipment,
  • Static sounding (CPT),
  • Dynamic sounding (SPT),
  • Seismic sounding (SCPT),
  • Plate load testing and pressure metering in boreholes,
  • Field geotechnical tests for determination of strength and deformational properties of different kinds of soils in situ,
  • Laboratory testing of soils, rocks and water.

Geotechnical survey on DeKastri terminal, «Sakhalin‐I» Project, 2003

Geotechnical survey on DeKastri terminal, «Sakhalin‐I» Project, 2003


The Company provides a complete complex of inland survey services for solving the following tasks:

  • Primary observation and estimation of the route (site) including the environmental aspects.
  • Study of sub‐surface conditions of land sites and provision of data for design work.
  • Surveying and ecological monitoring during construction and operation stages.
  • Actual surveying and storage of data.
  • Support of construction works.

The Company has all necessary equipment for land survey, including lightweight portable drilling rigs mounted on track‐type vehicles and heavy trucks.

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