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Geotechnical Laboratory Services

The Company has a well‐equipped laboratory for soil sample testing, acquisition and analysis of results received in‐situ and in the specialized laboratory.

The geotechnical laboratory staff carries out a full set of tests using modern equipment: determination of physical‐mechanical properties of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples: classification tests, soil compression tests, soil shear and consolidation tests, triaxial compression tests, and also perform chemical analysis of water and aqueous extracts. Along with soil testing the laboratory carries out the following tests of rocks: unrestricted rock compressibility tests, determination of mechanical hardness properties by spherical indenters, Brazil test. The laboratory also has the equipment for determination of «Californian ratio» both during field works and in the laboratory.

Modern software is used for processing of test results.

All works can be performed in accordance with GOST, BS and ASTM standard requirements.

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