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Far East Marine Geology Engineering
01 Mac Dinh
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Vung Tau, Vietnam
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Data Processing and Interpretation

Digital processing and interpretation of engineering survey results is performed on the basis of a modern complex of computing hardware.

Processing and interpretation of the engineering survey results is performed on the base of a state‐of‐the‐art computing facility complex using Ultra Spars working stations of SUN Microsystem with software of Landmak (ProMAX, Seis Works, Open Works, Zmap Plus), Hampson Rassell (Strata); geophysical working PC stations with Octopus 361, Triton ELICS (ISIS, Delph Map), AutoCAD software. Preprocessing and preliminary interpretation are performed directly onboard the vessel in the process of data acquisition.

High resolution seismic data for potential hazards investigation for development drilling.


For software engineering support the Company runs a network of archive and operational databases, a graphical imagery system and a corporate database facility.

Multi‐beam echosounder, side scan sonar and gradiometer data set.

The regular upgrading improves measurement techniques, work quality to keep up high standards in data delivery and report contents quality.